About Me

Hey Matt Jones here…

And I created this garcinia cambogia weight loss review site to help others learn about the ACTUAL facts of garcinia cambogia extract and how it could be beneficial to them.

I myself am big into fitness, and like many other fitness lovers out there I was looking to lose some weight, but didn’t want to take any of those hardcore weight loss supplements.

I still wanted something that would get results, but I didn’t want to harm my body. So I started looking for natural supplements, and sure enough, garcinia cambogia extract was one of the first supplements I came across in my research.

I quickly realized how popular of a supplement it was, especially when I realized my mom had been taking it and had it in the house for well over 6 months.

So I asked her what she thought of it and like many, she found it to be a useful supplement, but a much more effective one when coupled with dieting and exercise. See my mom has some limitations on her physical capabilities so just the fact that she had something good to say about the product made me even more interested.

I then took the product myself, mixing it in with my usual routine and workout regime. Like many I was skeptical and truthfully still have my doubts to this day, but there was no denying that I had lost a couple extra pounds moving forward.

Not to say I lost a lot of weight or it did wonders, it simply gave me, a fit, active individual, the ability to lose a couple extra stubborn pounds.

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